Stay on track over the weekend.

3 Tips to Stay “On Track” Over the Weekend

 1. Do Not Skip Meals

A BIG mistake people make is skipping meals. It seems to be an even bigger issue over the holidays and weekends. Whether it’s intentional (thinking that you will “save” calories) or if you just get busy and forget to eat, skipping meals will lead you to over-indulging in the long run. Stick to your normal eating schedule and don’t let yourself get too hungry. Pack your food or at least take protein bars or protein powder packets with you while you are out. Going to a party? Take something with you to share!

2. Make Time for Food Prep

Take a little time to prep food or buy foods that don’t take much prep time. We usually do a smaller food prep on Thursday or Friday that lasts us over the weekend. It’s very easy to just brown meat to have on hand with some vegetables or rice. Things like canned tuna and eggs are very easy for quick weekend meals as well.

3. Sleep

Sounds easy and amazing, right?! Well, why do most of us overlook this very important aspect of living a healthy lifestyle then? Just like with not skipping meals, don’t let your sleep suffer over the weekend. Try to get 7.5-9 hours of quality sleep. Your body will thank you!